International Journal of Computer-Generated Mathematics

About the Journal

The International Journal of Computer-Generated Mathematics, a freely accessible electronic journal on computer-generated mathematics and related areas, aims at bringing to a wide, international readership the beauty, elegance, and usefulness of computer-generated mathematics, in research and in teaching.

PAPERS ARE PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH and BULGARIAN, freely downloadable in PDF format.

We welcome submissions of papers of the following types:

LONG ARTICLES on themes and problems in computer-generated mathematics and related areas.

SHORT NOTES on interesting problems, new insights on computer-generated theorems, and the uses of dynamic software on ruler-and-compass constructions.

PROBLEMS for high school and university students and professors.

LETTERS to the EDITORS offering constructive criticisms on papers published in the International Journal of Computer-Generated Mathematics, especially relevant bibliographical (and biographical) information that escape the attentions of authors, referees, and editors.

Please see Instructions for Authors.
The journal is produced in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria